Bronkar and Aaron of Collision of Rhythm

Collision of Rhythm live on stage

Collision of Rhythm playing cajons on stage

Collision of Rhythm pre-show

Bronkar and Aaron playing quads

Aaron tap dancing

Bronkar playing cajon

"A jaw-dropping performance that was unbelieveable to watch!"

- Leah Schachter
  Event Producer

Collision of Rhythm is what you get when you combine a tap dancing percussion virtuoso with a beatbox juggling motivational speaker! Bronkar and Aaron are multiple world-record holders that have worked with companies like GoPro, Coca Cola, and Google, and have been featured on television programs such as The Tonight Show and America's Got Talent. Collision of Rhythm has been described as Stomp meets Blue Man Group meets Cirque du Soleil. It's not just a performance; it's an inspirational experience full of music, laughter and excitement!

Performance Options

of Rhythm offers a variety of performance options that gets your audience energized and inspired! Whether you’re looking for a sizzling 5 minute warm-up act to kick off your event or an 80 minute headlining show that will close out the evening, Bronkar and Aaron deliver a high-energy, impactful show full of innovative musical feats, spontaneous audience interaction, and tons of laughter and excitement! This show will leave your audience revved up and buzzing for weeks to come.

As speakers and musicians, Bronkar and Aaron understand the power of communicating both through words and the universal language of rhythm. In this inspirational performance, they actively demonstrate the tremendous impact that can be created through the power of teamwork, effective listening, and clear communication. Your audience will leave this show tapping their toes, clapping their hands, and feeling the rhythm throughout their entire bodies. Experience what is possible when your team is completely synchronized!


Learn to use your body as an instrument and get in tune with your inner rhythm while building self-confidence, awareness, and coordination. In this fun and playful breakout session, participants will make music together as a group using a combination of body percussion, beat bouncing, tap dancing, and their voices. Everyone will learn to express themselves musically in a supportive atmosphere filled with laughter and excitement.

** Workshop Needs: The best way to facilitate this workshop is immediately following Collision of Rhythm’s keynote performance. We require a flat surface, sound system, our headset microphones, Ipod connection, Beat Bounce Balls.

Watch Collision of Rhythm in Quebec City

Watch Marimba Master meets Beatbox Juggler

Watch Super Mario Bros. Beatbox Marimba

Booking / Contact

For theaters and performing arts centers:
Craig Knudsen
Knudsen Productions
510-549-1777 (office)
510-409-8296 (cell)

For Corporate, Special events, Key Note Presentations:
Cyndi Lee

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